Schools in session: Bladder Retraining Lesson 4

Go by the clock!  You may have gotten to a place where you get the urge and you just run to get to the bathroom.  Now that we have strategies to work against those urges, we are going to work to break this habit by retraining your bladder with a schedule.  Set a time to void, you may start with once an hour or hour and half. Go and sit on the toilet, whether you feel like voiding or not. As your bladder holds more urine without contracting, the interval is gradually increased to 2-3 hours, a better pattern of voiding. If you get an urge to void sooner than the allotted set time, use your techniques learned over the last several weeks to suppress the urges.

Lesson 4 Homework:

Schedule: Set up a schedule of urination.  Start with every hour to hour and half. Sit on the toilet regardless if you feel like you need to void or not.  If you get bladder urges sooner, use the techniques of quick flicks, relaxation and distraction to suppress the unwanted urges.  Once your bladder is able to tolerate more without contracting, increase the time interval between voids gradually up to 2-3 hours.  This retraining schedule will really make a difference, you can do it! You’re almost there!