Kidney Stones Fast Facts #2

Who gets kidney stones the most?  Well this is one place where being a man is not in your favor.  Also, kidney stones are more common in non-Hispanic Caucasian people than any other ethnicity.  If you have had a kidney stone previously...look out.  This isn’t usually a once and done kind of proposition.  Family members with stones, not drinking enough water, a diet high in protein, sodium or sugar, being overweight or a history of gastric bypass or other intestinal surgeries puts you at higher risk for developing stones. The list goes on...history of polycystic kidney disease, conditions that cause irritation in your bowels or joints, or taking certain medications such as diuretics or water pills. Many of these risks you can’t control for but there are a few that you can.  Maintaining a healthy weight, drinking an adequate amount of water and monitoring your salt and sugar intake will help. If you have had a kidney stone in the past, a 24 hour urine collection will give you the information you need to make changes in your lifestyle and diet to reduce these risk factors.  If you have a history of kidney stones and want to further can reach us at 330-685-9920