Schools in session: Bladder Retraining Lesson 3

You mastered relaxation techniques, you mastered quick flicks, now we’re going to shake it up with a little distraction.  If you’re like me, that’s easy enough!  Our goal will be to distract yourself from the faulty messages of urgency your brain is sending you.  Dream up whatever works for you, I have told patients for years, think about what you are cooking for the next meal, remember back to your last vacation, or if you want to get really technical...recite the days of the week but in alphabetical order, spell the names of family members backwards, add up large numbers, count sheep...whatever works but come up with your own personal distraction.  Make it your go to.  Whenever you get bladder urges that you want to suppress, go straight to distraction.  Once you have that down, combine it with one to two of the other techniques we learned in the previous lessons.  Seeing a pattern here?

Lesson 3 Homework:

Distraction...Come up with your own go to distraction as suggested in the lesson. Practice going to your distraction method when you get an unwanted bladder urge.  Then combine it with the other techniques learned in previous weeks.  You’re doing great!  Hang in there, you will see more and more improvement as we continue in the bladder retraining module.