Schools in Session: Bladder Retraining Review

Alright Ladies, there is no test but let us review the past 5 weeks of bladder retraining lessons.

  • Do you have a urination schedule set up by the clock starting every 2 hours working up to longer, to help retrain your bladder to wait and hold more.  
  • Practice, practice, practice those urge reduction techniques!  Urge reduction techniques help you to wait out sudden urges when they hit and you can make it to the bathroom without running (Relaxation with concentrating on your breathing, distraction techniques, & kegel exercises or quick contractions--see previous posts for more details).
  • Bladder retraining can take a couple of months and setbacks may occur, especially with times of stress. Believe in yourself and your success!  You can do it! Think positive --it will more likely bring the results you want!

If you have any further questions or want to discuss your concerns, please call us at (330) 685-9920.  Thank you!