Urinary Tract Infections Part 3- More Prevention Tactics

Part 3 Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Tactics--Ladies we got a few more tricks up our sleeves we need to share to help you prevent UTIs.

  1. Bowels...Big contributor to UTIs.  E-coli is bacteria found in the bowels and normally in small amounts in the vagina.  Constipation allows that bacteria to have closer proximity for a longer amount of time to the urethra, the area of entrance to the urinary tract system.  Managing constipation or diarrhea is highly recommended in prevention of UTIs.
  2. Voiding after intercourse once again flushes bacteria in the vaginal/urethral area away.
  3. Lastly, modifying the vaginal pH helps decrease the bacteria we all normally have in that area.  The vaginal pH changes from acidic to more basic as we go through menopause.  It also changes for younger ladies when they use certain types of birth control.  This change in pH alters the delicate balance of bacteria allowing the more harmful bacteria to overcome the good bacteria in this area.  The vaginal pH can be managed with estrogen cream which increases glycogen and ultimately lactobacillus, making the vaginal pH more acidic.  There are also over the counter vaginal acidifiers that may be helpful.
  4. Oral probiotics can also be helpful in increasing helpful bacteria in your gut and ultimately vaginal area.  Vaginal probiotic suppositories may be used to specifically replenish the good bacteria in the vagina.

I hope you learned more about urinary tract infection prevention. If you have any questions or desire to further discuss your urological concerns, please call our office at (330) 685-9920.  Thank you!

Anna Myers is a women’s health, urology and family board certified nurse practitioner working in our office here in Wooster, Ohio.