Sacral Neuromodulation…a great treatment option

One of the great treatment options we have used over the years for ladies suffering with overactive bladder is sacral neuromodulation. This therapy works for people who have frequent urges to urinate or related frequent leaks.  Over time, it was discovered that this therapy also works for those who are unable to fully empty their bladder and for fecal urgency.

Sometimes changing your diet, pelvic floor exercises or medications with side effects don’t fit the bill for bladder symptoms or provide a long term solution.  Sacral neuromodulation is given through a device implanted in your buttock and uses gentle nerve stimulation to correct the bladder-brain communication and restore function.  With this therapy, you experience fewer trips to the bathroom and fewer urinary accidents.  Medtronic reports an 84% satisfaction with patients who use sacral neuromodulation.

The nice thing about sacral neuromodulation is that you are able to trial the therapy. The evaluation begins at either our office or an outpatient center.  A thin lead wire is inserted in the upper part of the buttock.  The lead attaches to a small external device worn discreetly under your clothing.  You can stop, start or adjust the therapy with an easy to use controller.  Go about most of your regular activities for the next 3-14 days and track your symptoms to see if they improve.  Evaluating your results with your doctor, you decide together if long term therapy with sacral neuromodulation is the right choice. If you choose to proceed with sacral neuromodulation, your evaluation device can be replaced with an implantable device called a neurostimulator during a short, outpatient procedure.  Over the years, we have been able to use this therapy to treat overactive bladder symptoms, retention and fecal urgency successfully.

I hope you learned more about the sacral neuromodulation. If you have any questions or desire to further discuss your urological concerns, please call our office at (330) 685-9920.  Thank you!

Information for this article was obtained from Medtronic Inc.

Anna Myers is a women’s health, urology and family board certified nurse practitioner working in our office here in Wooster, Ohio.